Sunday, May 17, 2020



                              Fake Feminism & Women's Equality – The Radiance Foundation

The idea and belief of feminism are that what culture is like for women as compared to what the world is for men .  The feminist assumption is that women are not treated equally to men hence face disadvantages in comparison for men.  Nowadays modern society has constructed men as dominating nature in all parts be it political, culture or society.

People admit they are feminists and on the other hand girls themselves make jokes about rape and are engaged in Bois locker room, they ask for seats on the bus, and they comment on other girls and then they say they are feminists. where is the equally gone in this situation?why is this even happeing? Is this feminism?  yes , I am talking about fake feminism.

When the term feminism was introduced it was about the equality of gender . In early times women were treated inferior and their acceptance was harmful and wrong if they were divorced, not allowed to work, no voting rights and no political career and they were only meant to heir their family and look after the house without any recognization and respect.

Let's talk about gender equality if a man is hit by a woman then the women are brave and if a man hits her then he is a brutal pervert , if a man asks for splitting the bill then he is cheap but when a girl does so then she is independent , If a woman works then she is helping her family but if a man work than that is natural. 

It is okay if a girl abuses a boy.

It is okay if a women slap a man.

It is okay if women leave the line and go in the front.

It is okay  if she lies on #Metoo .

It is okay if a woman ransack her in-law because of dowry.

It is okay if a girl asks for a seat on a bus even though she is physically fit.

Because they have society on their side. They have power and rights which they can easily misuse.

Before the exposure of Bois locker room reality, everyone around India was blaming and criticizing the boys and as soon as the reality came out everyone said she is a kid and she is not answerable. but this is not right how can a girl be a kid if she is of the same age as the boys and if a girl has a sense of talking about rape and sexuality then how can she be a kid. She is equally responsible for the act.

 In modern society,every one are pseudo-feminist.  They all admit we are feminist but they all ignore the main aspect of feminism that is equality.  nowadays feminism is not about equality, it is more about a political movement, social identity and for some it is an opportunity to seek attention and misuse their right and power.

feminism is only about ending gender inequality and to do this everyone should involve. It is not about hating men . The theory of man-hating should be stopped.



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